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IPSE stands for Intergenerational Partnerships in Science Education. Our goal is to create a collaborative set of accessible and fun ways to teach science to elementary and middle school levels.

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Environment Ecology Earth Science

Green Infrastructure

Food Webs Water Cycle
Water Pollution Mark and Recapture
Water Quality Testing Hooks and Ladders
Macro Mayhem Sockeye Scents
Building Projects Force and Motion Density

Loop the Loop

Hot and Cold Water
Straw Towers Steep vs. Shallow Floating Boats
Earthquake Bagel Swinger Column of Colored Salt Water
Hot Air Balloon Film Canister Pendulum Sinking and Floating Objects
Balancing Mobiles Archimedes' Principle Soap Bubbles
Sink & Float Displacement
Surface Tension/IMFs Electromagnetism Miscellaneous
Penny Drops Magnets Black Boxes
Surfactants Electricity & Circuits Marker Chromatography

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